Social searching is trusted searching

Bing and Google integrate Twitter into Search Social search, that is, search aided by our friends or online connections, suggests that being able to search your friends’ opinions, interests, and actions would create a better search experience. We already look to our friends for recommendations on movies, restaurants, and vacation spots, so doesn’t it make sense that our favorite search engines would be aided by content from our social connections?

Although companies have recognized the significance of using trusted contacts as filters and have approached this in various ways, so far, we haven’t realized the promise of social search. But recent announcements have made it clear that social media’s influence has made its mark with the big search players. In the past few weeks, both Bing and Google announced programs which will bring real-time updates from our social circle to search results, perhaps transforming search as we know it. Enter Bing Twitter Search and Google Social Search. Continue reading “Social searching is trusted searching”