Why Google Is Dipping Its Toe Into Original Content

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Google’s game studio, called Niantic Labs, is reportedly adapting its popular mobile AR game Ingress for television. This is a surprising move, considering the aversion towards developing original content the search giant has demonstrated, but nevertheless an understandable one, given that Google can position the TV show as another layer of the game to increase its reach and influence.

Snapchat Experiments With Original Web Series

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We reported last week that Snapchat is venturing into original content with its new Discovery feature, and now the company is taking that foray one step further. On Tuesday, Snapchat announced a “scripted series” of mini-movies made by social media stars and sponsored by AT&T. Dubbed “SnapperHero”, the soon-to-debut 12-episode original web series marks an important step in Snapchat’s continuing evolution from messaging app to media platform.