SXSW 2016: Quaker Oats Integrates With Alexa To Offer User Recipes

What Happened
Quaker is tapping Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to help customers easily find trendy recipes for making overnight oats, the long-standing, household brand announced at SXSW today. Working with agency partner Organic, Quaker has created its first app for Alexa, which is available through Amazon products such as the Echo speakers. The company is also planning a launch campaign to promote the Echo app when it becomes available to the public this summer.

What Brands Need To Do
Hands-free interactions enabled by voice interfaces are a natural fit for the kitchen, where it is more convenient for users to give commands by speaking rather than touch. So it makes sense for Quaker to integrate with Alexa to add a futuristic sheen to its 135-year-old brand. As Amazon and the developer community continue to build out Alexa’s capabilities and make it an increasingly brand-friendly platform to reach consumers at home, brands would be smart to get on board with those devices via integrations or partnerships.

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Source: AdWeek