STORY Shifts Retail Concepts

In her talk at the PSFK Conference, Rachel Shechtman described what she termed ‘Retail Media’ with respect to he Brick and Mortar ‘experience,’ STORY. The multi-media concept combines curation and editorial content with more traditional retail structures. Most simply, Shechtman curates her physical locations much like a magazine that changes themes and covers every four to eight weeks. In the same way, Shechtman tells a different STORY in a different location, with a new theme, and ultimately, new products in the same production cycle. This offers a discovery platform combined with content, commerce, and community, that revolves around a physical entity. Recent variations and space utilizations have included Wellness, Color, Making Things, and Art. And ultimately, the consumer doesn’t know what will be next, so they’re constantly enticed back a few weeks later to experience the next story.