Uber Now Lets Businesses Send Rides To Their Customers

What Happened
Uber has launched another business-friendly feature to help companies better leverage its car-hailing service to reach customers. Dubbed UberCENTRAL, the new service allows companies to book and pay for rides for their customers and manage multiple rides from a single account via its dashboard. Businesses can also send links to a live map via SMS message to tell users that their free rides are on the way. In May, Uber started testing a similar feature named Uber Offers that allows brands to provide customers who click on in-app ads with credits for free rides.

What Brands Need To Do
With this new feature, Uber is making it easier for brands to use its service to provide extra value to their customers as loyalty rewards, incentives for visiting a store, or simply as a logistics tool to get VIP members to an event. Better yet, brands can consider combining this service with the Trip Experience feature that Uber launched in January to offer customers a branded experience while they are enjoying the free rides that brands pay for.


Source: Fortune

Header image courtesy of Uber’s YouTube Video

Google Reportedly Developing Its Uber Competitor With Driver-less Cars

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Google is preparing to launch its own car-hailing service to work with its self-driving cars, which would put it in direct competition with on-demand car services like Uber or Lyft.  In response, Uber has announced a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University to develop driverless car and mapping technology.

Ironically, Google is also one of its biggest investors for Uber, as the search giant’s venture capital arm Google Ventures invested $258 million in Uber back in August 2013. And Uber currently uses Google Maps data to power its apps for drivers and riders, a fact that could soon change once the competition heats up between the two companies.

Update: New report claims that Google’s own car-hailing app is being developed for internal carpooling only.