Motain Secures $13 Million In Venture Capital

Motain, the company behind The Football App, is looking to get out ahead of the World Cup and seize the global – and growing American – football (or soccer) app and advertising market. Today, they announced that they received $13 million in venture capital to promote it’s flagship product, The Football App, in advance of the World Cup in 2014. For followers of the beautiful game, the app has standings, results, and videos from over 100 leagues across the world, and has racked up over 6.5 million downloads across all mobile platforms, with a sizable portion of that download data coming from the U.S. The service generates more than one billion page impressions per month, and is growing at over 100,000 downloads per day. The free version comes with ads, so any expansion with this new capital injection means that advertisers looking to target a global audience may have themselves a new, sports-based, mobile solution.