Syfy’s Interactive Shows Herald Entrance Of Social TV

Syfy has added an element of interactivity to every new show it presented to media buyers on Wednesday. “Defiance,” the crown jewel of its upcoming season, debuts on April 15th with a complimentary video game. Syfy President David Howe said that the network wants to allow viewers to have a stake in the shows they enjoy, and to that end the network is planning quarterly multi-media events for many shows on its network including “Opposite Worlds,” “Unbreakable,” and “Dominion.” For instance, “Helix” is a thriller focused on a team of scientists investigating a possible disease outbreak in an Arctic research facility. The series will use the network’s Syfy Sync app to let viewers explore the research lab in conjunction with events on the screen. Called “Access Granted,” the second-screen experience will open clues to the show’s secrets that aren’t available on screen. Other shows will use similar techniques to allow viewers into the world of the show and to dominate the second screen phenomenon. Indeed, plans are in place for a Jamie Foxx show that will allow viewers to select alternate endings. Many networks will be watching this experiment closely to gauge the model’s potential success.