Hasbro Creates Mobile App That Brings Play-Doh Creations To Life

What Happened
Hasbro launched an iOS app that can bring your Play-Doh creations to life on your smartphone. The company debuted the Play-Doh Touch app, which uses the phone’s camera to scan Play-Doh creations made with its Touch SHAPE TO LIFE STUDIO set and transforms them into animated game characters that kids can play with in the app.

What Brands Should Do
With this app and its accompanying Play-Doh set, Hasbro is taking an innovative approach to driving digital engagement and adding a new dimension to their physical products so as to cater to shifting consumer habits. More brands, especially those in the CPG and entertainment fields, can benefit from adopting a similar approach to leverage today’s mobile devices to enhance their products and marketing experiences.


Source: Engadget

Header image courtesy of Hasbro press release