Twitter Rolls Out Downloadable Tweets

Twitter has been tightening up it’s platform recently like limiting API access for third-party clients, but a new option to download tweets will grant users more control over their data. The feature is rolling out in waves, allowing select users request an archive of tweets with an email link to download. We’ll have to see if people take advantage of the new option and how they will repurpose their data outside of the service.

AT&T And Verizon Offer Hyper-Targeted Deals

Carriers AT&T and Verizon are sitting on some of the most valuable consumer data available so it’s not surprising their creating their own marketing services. AT&T’s offering, called AT&T Alerts will deliver location-based SMS offers while Verizon is leveraging location, demographics and browsing history to deliver personalized deals. Both products require users to opt-in, given the sensitive user data and recent privacy concerns like the Carrier IQ incident.