Virgin Mobile Uses Webcam “Blinkwashing” In New Ads

Virgin Mobile is using a new technology called “blinkwashing” for a new series of YouTube ads that, in brief, uses webcams to react to a viewer’s blinks. Including 25 videos, the technology time-codes every word across each video to “create a smart caching system that switches seamlessly between videos whenever the viewer blinks.” In an ideal use-case, a viewer switches videos so quickly that five or six blinks creates a full sentence. It’s a very interesting way to move through content and create viewer engagement, but whether this is a sustainable practice through multiple campaigns is doubtful at best. 

Recession marketing gets obnoxious

iStockThings are taking a turn for the worse.  No, I’m not talking about the economy; I’m talking about the marketing about the economy.

As is often the case, it starts with a good thing.  In this case, it was the brilliant Hyundai Assurance program (kudos to IPG’s Initative folks for that one).  A great idea, the program really spoke to the concerns that the country was having at the time.  It decreased the risk in buying one of the key big ticket items.  Many other car companies followed suit.  And until now, this was all a good thing.

Now Virgin Mobile is bringing the concept to wireless companies with their “Pink Slip Protection” offering.  Continue reading “Recession marketing gets obnoxious”