Afternoon in the Life of A Battlestar Fan

Battlestar Galactica1)    I turn on the Tivo and select the latest episode.  I have saved the Friday night broadcast viewing for Saturday afternoon…when I have time to savor it.

2)    I log on to the Facebook group to  to check out the chatter.  What a bunch of frackin’ geeks.

3)    I watch more of the show.

4)    I pause the show to hit the main fan site,  and watch a webisode that I missed, that feeds nicely into the episode I’m watching.  I do a search on Battlestar webisodes and find them all over. Including where some brits complain that they can’t find the webisodes anywhere else due to rights issues and “thank god” for video sharing sites.  I want to tell them that the BBC player needs to be available in the US so I can watch the last few Dr. Who episodes…but why get into a battle.  (I will do a Dr. Who search later tonight to see if I can grab anything.  I yearn for new Dr. Who episodes and don’t understand why David Tenant can’t sacrifice his career goals to continue playing the role forever. He is obviously selfish.  But he’s the doctor and so groovy).

5)    I get a snack

6)    I watch more of the show and pause…sometimes  the lighting is so dark it reminds me of the W hotels, when I bang into everything in the lobby.  I somehow connect Starwood points to Battlestar episodes and wish for a little more brightness in space.   Star Trek was well lit. What the frack!

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