Facebook Posts Now Embed Into WordPress

In a development that will certainly please bloggers but that will also apply to brands, Facebook posts are now embeddable directly into WordPress blogs. It works by grabbing the Facebook post’s unique URL, which can be acquired by clicking the date stamp under the post. Just copy and paste the URL into the editing pane of the WordPress blog, and any embeddable media in the Facebook post will also be added. This new feature will be quite powerful, particularly for the possibility of embedding promoted, or advertising-focused posts across media on the Internet. 

140 Proof Targets Tumblr

140 Proof expanded its social advertising technology today by launching what it calls Native Ads for Social Sites, allowing advertisers to reach targeted consumers on an array of social networks including Tumblr and WordPress. The addition of Tumblr to the company’s arsenal is of particular interest as it allows ads delivered in “native” format to be reblogged and shared like any other post, while also taking advantage of strong targeting, and Tumblr’s largely unexploited advertising potential.