Cross country election shout out!

LocaModa's Obama ad on a textscreenHow cool is it that I am in L.A. and can text a message to be displayed on the ABC digital billboard in Times Square – live and in real-time! Plus, with the flash widget embedded in MySpace, all of my friends can see my shout out as well. Or anyone can see it online here. A full 360 degree digital out-of-home, mobile, social media and micro site – all in one!

As part of what ABC calls “an outdoor global viewing event,” tourists and desk jockeys alike can project their voices in support of Obama (McCain’s supporters didn’t get on board for a campaign of their own) alongside the bright lights of Broadway. Enabled by LocaModa, the illuminated thoughts can also reverberate across the web.

Side note: They could have taken it to another level if the confirmation text message included a link to the Obama Minute with more details or the option to donate directly.

Keep your eye out too for Clear Channel Outdoor Digital’s live election updates on screens across the country.