iPods in half of cars and car keys for teens

tele09Telematics, like many of our other categories that we cover here at the Emerging Media Lab, is constantly evolving.  Our Mobile and Social Media practice leads see change on an almost daily basis. Telematics/Infotainment, while still new to most, is showing growth and change on a regular pace.  This month I thought it might be more helpful to single-out a few new items rather than focus on an singular topic.

This coming year and beyond will continue to show an expansion of in integration, services and connectivity.  Industry resources show that over 58% of new cars will have iPod connections available from the factory.  Non iPod interface will come by way of a USB interface.  Bluetooth will continue to have a strong presence in the car’s of 2009.  The expanding adoption of this into more cars will take it from 55% to 82% in 2009.  The result will be more cars with Bluetooth and more features available to the consumer.

Location based services will continue to grow.   2009 will see more real-time location-based content, such as traffic data, weather conditions and fuel prices.  With the increase in devices capable of this and the growth in cars coming standard with these platforms, it will only grow further.

Ford recently came out with MyKey.  An interesting solution to the dilemma parents feel with their driving age kids.  In 2010, Ford will roll out MyKey as a feature on their Focus line of cars that allow parents to limit the speed and volume on the family car.  Knowing how inattentive they can be,  Ford helps out here by giving them an earlier “low fuel” warning light.  A nice touch…  They also have a chime feature that sounds based on the speed.  Some interesting features to say the least.  Makes me wonder if Ford was reading my blog.

The future for Telematics/Infotainment continues to be a bright and expanding one for OEM’s, consumers and marketers.  Understanding it now will pay dividends when we have scale.