With the holidays here, consider the Hispanic market

(iStock)According to the Direct Marketing Association, Hispanics are more open to receiving direct mail than the general market. I have my theories as to why.

For all of you who recall Maslow’s Theory of Self Actualization and his hierarchy of needs, at the core of the pyramid is Love/Belonging (validation). When marketing is done correctly (e.g. a brand reaching out to an individual in an authentic fashion), a sense of validation is achieved. “Brand X knows me; I matter; they get me; I belong here.”

In the case of first-generation immigrants their longitudinal journey is very similar to that of a developing child. Once the immigrant arrives to their new homeland, they need to satisfy their physical needs first (water, food), and then they require safety (shelter). Once these basic instincts are attained, they need emotional security and/or a sense of belonging, if you will. They continue to migrate up the pyramid, until they achieve self-actualization.

Consider this next time you market to the Hispanic market. Brands that reach out and make individuals feel as if they do belong, while in a novel environment, drive brand awareness and loyalty, in the long-term – because they validate the consumer.

While walking my Newfie, Alfie, a couple of months ago, I ran into a neighbor and her 2-month old grandson. She was holding him very close to her chest. She asked me if I wanted to see him, and I said yes. As she unveiled his sleepy head I went to touch his cheek and it startled her. Her reaction reminded me of the tactile nature of Hispanics.

My response to her asking if I wanted to see the baby was to touch the baby – a very experiential response. Hispanics need to feel a brand and be close to it. This tactile element is important because it may be how they experience your brand for the first time.
Along with being high-touch individuals (and non-verbally animated!), we also maintain a tighter social bubble. This is the physical space that we create to separate ourselves from others when having a conversation, for example. Hispanics are more comfortable standing closer to each other than the general market.

So if you want to introduce your brand to the Hispanic market via direct marketing, remember the basics and discern the segment, prior to making the 1:1 connection. The paper, the color, the font style, the visuals (the composition), the language used – all really do matter.
With the holiday season and new year here, send your Hispanic consumers or prospects a holiday card that resonates with them linguistically, culturally and intellectually (you have until January 6 – All King’s Day). Make that 1:1 connection. Validate them and ensure a positive brand connection! You may see some brand loyalty over time.

Happy Holidays,