1st rule of Facebook, do not talk about Facebook

Fight Club (20th Century Fox/Yahoo Movies)We have officially found our favorite-ever Facebook application that uses Facebook Connect to deliver a blood-racing, sweat-induced fever. Welcome to the Fight Club 10th anniversary site. Waste not a moment longer, click here for the experience.

If you were into this 1999 cult movie starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, you’d already know you are not special, that you are not a unique snowflake. If you weren’t forced to watch it by some enthusiastic fan friend of yours back when, then you’ll quickly learn the truth. Who are you anyway?

Hats off to Fox  and EyeWonder Inc for their rich media campaign that inspires both wonder and horror at our desks. Robert Palmer would be proud. Also kudos to Facebook Connect, which as the Lab will demonstrate in our upcoming 2010 trends, will inherit the meek, rule the earth, and generally clean up nicely (at least online anyway) for 2010. That’s the kind of engagement we’re talking about!