1st rule of Facebook, do not talk about Facebook

Fight Club (20th Century Fox/Yahoo Movies)We have officially found our favorite-ever Facebook application that uses Facebook Connect to deliver a blood-racing, sweat-induced fever. Welcome to the Fight Club 10th anniversary site. Waste not a moment longer, click here for the experience.

If you were into this 1999 cult movie starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, you’d already know you are not special, that you are not a unique snowflake. If you weren’t forced to watch it by some enthusiastic fan friend of yours back when, then you’ll quickly learn the truth. Who are you anyway? Continue reading “1st rule of Facebook, do not talk about Facebook”

The Internet gets married, has kids, settles down

Grow up (via Ant's photostream/Flickr)The Internet is on its way to settling down. Don’t misunderstand me, as far as the interwebs are concerned, 401 still means unauthorized access and has nothing to do with retirement (yes, that’s a geek joke). Instead, it means that the Internet is giving up on the chaos of its youth and settling into a respectable and tactful adulthood. At the root of the issue lies the concept of online identity.

For the past decade, our collective online experiences have been modeled after a Matrix-esque experience. We select usernames, which become our residual self-image. Behind these fairly anonymous handles humanity as a whole has been able to momentarily devolve into caustic, self-righteous, judgmental twelve-year-olds (not me, of course). Not that this was necessarily a bad thing, it just was. But the status quo is changing. So what’s the agent of change? Continue reading “The Internet gets married, has kids, settles down”

E3 – Hits and Misses

E3 2009 is my fifth E3, though I managed to miss the recent “awkward years.”  While the rumor was that this E3 would return to prior glory, I’ve been a bit disappointed – the show is much more guarded than in years past.  The press conferences on Monday and Tuesday had some neat surprises, but few of those surprises managed to make it out to the show floor. Continue reading “E3 – Hits and Misses”