Does CES still matter?

Does CES still matter?The CES floor is all abuzz with 3D, eReaders, and touch screen experiences but in a year where there’s pressure to deliver measureable results, should a brand care abut what’s a year is so ahead? The answer is yes!

Once consumers start experiencing 3D and touchcreen experiences in public spaces (dooh will have immediate deployments) the expectation for all content to deliver at the same level will be high.

Brands should be creating messaging and content for what’s to come.

Windows 7 is setting the stage for touch screen to be a standard. Flash is making its way to your living room through set boxes and connected TVs with power SOC (systems on a chip) that will enable interactivity and layers of information. And over the top solutions powered by broadband are creating web like experiences on HD screens.

The stage is being set for a visual and kinetic revolution and if your not prepared to leverage the solutions that are available, your brand will be left out in the cold.