Data is the new black….cyan, magenta, and yellow

Historically, ads have been closed systems. The information contained in the ad itself is fixed. Most of the interactivity in digital ads to date has been limited to the ability to link somewhere or to engage with content elements that were included in the unit at the time it was trafficked. But anyone who has ever looked at billboard that had a clock or thermometer knows the power of real time information to capture attention.
There is a new generation of rich media providers who now enable advertisers to pipe up-to-the-moment content into digital display ads. The number of data sources available by API is growing every day – weather, traffic conditions, UV index, Tweets, Facebook updates, you name it! The next generation rich media companies are working hard to make it easy for advertisers to incorporate these feeds while assuring the ads never break.

Our hypothesis at the IPG Media Lab is that display ads powered by real time content will outperform “disconnected” ads in terms of engagement rate and brand lift. We are excited to be working with three leaders in the field ClickTurn,, and SpongeCell to challenge this hypothesis. Over the next few weeks we will be working with a cross section of IPG Clients in a live market trial.

API driven creativity requires a new creative process. Storytellers need to inventory their own data feeds and strategically aligned feeds at the outset of the process. These data feeds represent a new palate.
We are excited to begin a structured piece of research to illuminate the degree to which leveraging this technology can enhance the value of an advertising investment. Stay tuned for updates.