Missed any SXSWi coverage? See what we talked about

As the Interactive portion of SXSW comes to a close, here’s a recap of all the great things our team spotted and wrote about over the past few days.

“Immersive Labs Spotted as SXSW”

Immersive Labs is a technology vendor with whom we have a great relationship.  They work in digital out of home media, integrating the ability to analyze the audience of a video screen and serve up relevant content.

“Wellness and Technology with Aetna CEO”

Ina Fried of All Things Digital and Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, discuss wellness and technology, highlighting technology’s ability to enable preventative care and the benefit these technologies for insurance companies.

“Fred the Shred”

A look into outputs of hack-a-thons, including Fred, the shredder with personality.

“MIT Media Lab at SXSW”

A recap of the MIT Media Lab’s SXSW session, including a discussion of one of our favorite products Affectiva and the insight from chairman Joichi that, “over time, the amount of information in the world tends to exceed the ability of even the largest organizations to do big things on their own.”

They also showed off an installation that graphs Facebook data on a globe and can be moved by user gestures via an Xbox Kinect.  See it in action here: “Take the World in your Hands”

“PepsiCo Digital Signage”

A look at the innovative digital signage used by Pepsi in the PepsiCO Central lounge, including content on transparent screens and a dashboard updating social mentions of SXSW in real-time.

“AT&T Mobile App Hackathon”

AT&T held a competition for teams of developers to earn prizes and money for creating a mobile app.

“The Decline of Apps?”

With the evolution of new JavaScript platforms and HTML5, mobile web experiences can rival native app experiences in terms of functionality and design.  Additionally, these platforms allow reach across a much greater variety of devices than traditional apps, giving companies more bang for their development buck.

“Smell-O-Vision for the 21st Century”

An exploration of new technologies that activate all five senses.

“Taps For NFC?”

A recap of a session debate about the probability of NFC adoption.

“Net Present Value of Future Self”

A discussion of how consumers use real-time data looked into when real-time feedback is best and when other forms or timing of feedback might better suit the user.

“Isis Consortium’s Heavy Presence at SXSWi”

A look into Isis Mobile Commerce Application, a mobile payment technology, that is to be integrated into 95% of POS systems in the near future.

“Virtual x Physical”

Notes on a session that discussed the meshing of the virtual and physical world, including app-enabled accessories and augmented reality location-aware games.

“Fulton Innovations Discusses Wireless Power at SXSW 2012”

Fulton Innovations, a company we’ve been interested in since CES, displayed the future of wireless power, demonstrating their technology that uses electrical induction to liven up packaging and wireless charge electric vehicles.

“Timehop Takes You Back To The Future at SXSW 2012”

Timehop, the service that sends daily emails recounting what users did exactly one year ago on their social networks, showcased a Delorean replica from the movie Back to the Future.

“Valuable Visualizations”

TaskRabbit’s Head of Business shared with the SXSW “Start Up Village”  the lessons he has learned working for a start-up, including the importance of data analytics and visualization.

“GE Unveils ‘Social Fridge’ at SXSW Using Grandstand Platform”

The GE Garage showcased interesting ways to connect to people at events using social media in novel ways, including the Social Fridge, which required 10 people to check-in before literally unlocking the door and giving free beverages to those who participated.

“Kinect Boxing Bots”

For the SXSWi opening party, Microsoft showed of the potential of Xbox Kinect hacks that allowed party-goes to control boxing robots with their motions.

“ ‘FutureShop’ SXSW Panel Discusses QR Codes and NFC”

A discussion of NFC and QR codes that reinforced the fact that technology cannot change consumer behavior on its own, but that marketers have to deploy the technology in ways that really solve consumer problems.

“Brand as API”

A look into a presentation that discussed the idea of a Brand as API, in which the presenters urged brands to make themselves and their apps more flexible, allowing and encouraging consumers to interact more with the brand.  Includes a link to the presentation slideshow.

“Bold Frontiers of Gesture”

A panel discussion about Kinect hacking, featuring the Kinect Robots from the opening night party.

“The Future of Money”

A panel of VCs and startups discussed the future of mobile payment, agreeing that while complete NFC adoption is still a few years off, there is a huge opportunity for mobile payments.

“Tag, We’re It”

A discussion of current uses and best practices around QR codes and NFC.

“Get Out Of My Memes, Get Into My Car”

A presentation from Audi asserting that automobiles will become the “5th screen” and a roadmap of Audi’s digital integrations.

“This Is Your Sojolife”

A look at Sojolife, a start up that helps people to connect at events via wireless enabled USB keys.

“Hitchery a Ride”

Startup Hitchery showcases a game that makes a cute and fun use of augmented reality in a scavenger hunt scenario.