Google Note-Taking App Keep Lauches

Google yesterday announced the launch of Keep, the first note-taking app since the company scrapped Notebook in 2009 and allowed competitors like Evernote to dominate the mobile and cloud-based note-taking sector. Keep is available on the web and to Android users, and is still very basic. The default layout is a single column in an internet browser, and allows you to quickly snap pictures, create lists, add gifs, take a voice note, or jot information down quickly – but that’s it. It’s currently analogous to a souped-up sticky notes function, a place to quickly put things that we might otherwise put on a pad of paper. If, however, the app is expanded to the scope of an Evernote, it could quickly become indispensable; one can easily imagine Drive, Mail, Maps, Calendar, and Glass synchronization. For now, though, Keep might just replace those yellow sticky notes all over your desktop.