Evernote And 3M Digitize Post-Its

3M announced a new partnership with Evernote that aims to turn real-world Post-It notes into digital notes that can be saved, shared, or viewed from anywhere. Evernote’s new “Post-It Note Camera” comes with the iOS 7 update, and it works by digitally enhancing photos of the Post-Its and thereafter uploading them to your Evernote account. The notes can be organized by color within Evernote, and the content of the notes are searchable. Like everything else in Evernote, you can add reminders and due dates onto notes themselves. In conjunction with the upgrade, 3M is launching branded Post-It products that come with a 30-day Evernote Premium subscription. Those will be available in October, but the update is already here. 

Google Note-Taking App Keep Lauches

Google yesterday announced the launch of Keep, the first note-taking app since the company scrapped Notebook in 2009 and allowed competitors like Evernote to dominate the mobile and cloud-based note-taking sector. Keep is available on the web and to Android users, and is still very basic. The default layout is a single column in an internet browser, and allows you to quickly snap pictures, create lists, add gifs, take a voice note, or jot information down quickly – but that’s it. It’s currently analogous to a souped-up sticky notes function, a place to quickly put things that we might otherwise put on a pad of paper. If, however, the app is expanded to the scope of an Evernote, it could quickly become indispensable; one can easily imagine Drive, Mail, Maps, Calendar, and Glass synchronization. For now, though, Keep might just replace those yellow sticky notes all over your desktop. 

iSpeech Brings Text-to-Speech To Publishers

iSpeech has launched their publisher platform allowing third parties affordably convert their text to speech. The audio can be produced from PDFs, incorporated via a widget or through iSpeech’s API and is already being adopted by Evernote and Pearson. iSpeech’s solution will be key for delivering media on-the-go, particularly in car environments. While car manufacturers are already integrating apps into their entertainment systems like Ford Sync, iSpeech’s solution has a far greater reach currently.