Instagram Introduces Photo Tagging

In a nod to earlier Facebook days, Instagram today introduced photo tagging. The new iOS and Android upgrade allows you to tag anybody in your photos – but with this update you can also tag brands and companies in photos. You, or the brand, can get notified if a tag happens, and can also require approvals before photos appear on your profile. You also have the option to detag yourself. This update replaces the often-hectic @mention function on the network that has functioned until this point. This wasn’t a truly effective method for keeping track of other users, and these new features are designed to help you more vividly capture moments and to build a collection of photos. Likely, when users get tag notifications they will head to the app, which will increase broad-base user interaction with the social network, which in turn will present many new opportunities for tagging brands and including products in a network that looks as if it’s programmed itself for interface expansion.