Old Spice Returns With Prank Websites

The body-care company is simply relentless with its creative ads that have massive viral potential. Making the rounds this time are prank websites designed to be ridiculous in nature, and after several seconds of resting on the site an alarm goes off and the familiar Old Spice guy pops up – in stunning HD courtesy of Vimeo – to admonish you for coming to such a website, and to advertise Old Spice in the process. Assuming nothing’s changed, we have Weiden + Kennedy to thank for the laughs, and considering how much this campaign mirrors the others, it’s fairly safe to assume as such. Moving from traditional TV to YouTube, Reddit, and then covert websites has proved a savvy creative scheme. Have a look at a few of the sites below:

Neck Workouts

Gold Bluetooth Headsets

Leather Bedsheets

Protein Cologne

Tattoo Coupons