Apple TV To Replace iPod In Apple Store

In a sales call to talk about Apple’s numbers over the past quarters, Tim Cook acknowledged an increasingly prescient fact: iPod’s are in decline. iPod sales dipped precipitously by 52%, while revenues dropped by 54%. That means the iPod accounts for merely 2% of Apple’s overall income. Cook wants to focus on the Apple TV instead, and has immediately done so by listing the Apple TV in its own section, upgrading it from what Steve Jobs called a “Hobby” to a full-fledged product line. The new section of the store also features Apple TV accessories, old refurbished versions of the device, and a Q&A section. The dedicated product section very likely means that there will be substantial upgrades coming to the device soon, and that persistent rumor of a new Apple TV with a TV tuner, additional gaming, and wireless router options could just come to pass.