“Mobile First” Means Consumer First

If the IAB Mobile Marketplace had a slogan, it might be “mobile first!” Heard at multiple sessions throughout the day, it acknowledges that mobile phones have become essential devices for consumers, omnipresent, and always on. As a result, it’s no surprise that marketers are eager to engage customers through mobile. But as Lou Paskalis highlighted during his presentation, in order to truly succeed, the industry must shift its mindset to “human first.”

Mobile, connected cars, and smart homes are creating a “Human Operating System”—an ecosystem in which digital elements are fully incorporated into daily life. This gives marketers an unprecedented opportunity to connect with people at the right time and place. As Paskalis noted, “Geo-targeting is one of the best need-states signals we’ve ever had to work with in marketing.” Rather than thinking in terms of ads, marketers must identify these needs-states and create relevant brand experiences. Challenges including learning how to:

  • Encourage opt-in, not opt-out
  • Focus on relationships before measurement
  • “Engage,” not disrupt