GoPro Xbox Channel Launches

In January, news started circulating that GoPro would be making a dedicated, streaming Xbox 360 and Xbox One channel. Now, it’s out in the world, live on the Xbox 360. The channel will be featuring all exclusive content, much of which will initially derive from the launch celebration, which features viral-video-kickstarters like basketball shot tricks and Lion hugs. At the same time, users watching the channel will be able to purchase GoPro’s from within the video app, without putting the controller down – of course, the GoPro channel will advertise the specific units used to film the shorts. It’s a shot at Twitch, certainly, and other new forms of live streamed networks over Xbox, which are becoming increasingly popular and a large source of income for companies advertising creatively on the mediums. As the platform expands, expect to see more live streaming entertainment as younger people continue to cut the cord.