Moves Will Share Data With Facebook

Moves, the motion tracking app bought by Facebook, had initially reported that they were going to keep users’ data private, and not share with Facebook users’ locations, physical fitness, and the like. Now, in an about face, Facebook has convinced the company to hand over all the data mined from users of the fitness tracker; overnight, the company updated its privacy policy to say that it can share user data with other companies, “including but not limited to Facebook.” It plays into some niggling consumer fears about how Facebook is using data – as Facebook buys up more properties, it is slowly accumulating a powerfully large database of information about millions of people – and how its affiliates are keeping tabs on users. Facebook, for what it’s worth, says that it just wants to provide support for Moves. It will have to continue to keep up the charm offensive to consumer confidence high if it wants to keep people looped into the platform, particularly in light of many realizing how vulnerable their private data might in fact be on the Internet.