Smart Bracelet Vibrates On Call & Text

Wearable tech continues to heat up as a consumer space, in many different forms. One of the main sticking points, though, is that many wearable options simply don’t look good – it you’re going to put something on your wrist, surely you want it to look nice, and many options at present try to jam too much into a small screen that becomes hard to navigate through, or ultimately looks off. MEMI is looking to solve some of those problems through its new smart bracelet aimed specifically at women who carry their phones in handbags: it’s a simple silver piece of metal that vibrates when the users’ phone receives a text message or a phone call. The kicker? It doesn’t even look like a wearable device, which is seen as a stylistic win. It weighs as much as a similarly styled bracelets, and runs at $150 in its current iteration. Though it only aims to alert users to incoming notifications, one could make the argument that its technological simplicity is its advantage, while still maintaining its purpose as a fashion accessory instead of trying to cram an entire smartphone onto a wrist.