Brace Yourself – Apple Pay Is Coming On Monday

We’ve known about Apple Pay since its grand introduction at the last Apple event, but that doesn’t make Apple Pay’s official release any less exciting. If anything, some new developments surfaced today that only increases the anticipation. Billed as an easy, secure and private way to pay by Cook, Apple Pay is set for a public release on Monday, October 20.

More Merchants On Board

Merchant acceptance is key to any payment method, and Apple is doing all it can to bring national retailers and franchises on board. Since the last announcement, Apple has persuaded 500 more banks and even more business, like Airbnb and StubHub, to use Apple Pay.

Pay With The New iPad

Unsurprisingly, the new iPad Air 2 arrived with Touch ID embedded, enabling users to pay with tablets, as well as encouraging cross-screen shopping. Right now it seems that it is limited to online shopping, as no mention was made of NFC.

Set for public launch next Monday, Apple Pay is well poised to finally push mobile payment into mainstream, and we can’t wait to see the changes it will bring to consumer behavior.