Why Google Acquired Mobile App Streaming Platform Agawi

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Earlier this week, Google confirmed its rumored acquisition of Agawi, a platform that allow mobile users to stream apps over the web without downloading them first. The reason behind this seems clear—Google has much to lose if the current trend of user moving away from mobile web into apps continues, given that the majority of Google’s revenues from web searches and the accompanying ads. In fact, out of the $66 billion total revenue Google generated in 2014, eMarketer predicts it $38.4 billion is from search ads.

The timing of this confirmation came at an interesting juncture, as both Facebook and Apple have announced in past few weeks new initiatives that aim to keep users inside apps in which they can easily monetize. Apple even went one step further last week by allowing ad-blocking extensions for Safari in the upcoming iOS 9, which would effectively cost Google a considerable amount of ad views. Therefore, it makes sense for Google to attempt luring users back into mobile browsers with a web-based app streaming platform. The battle to take control of mobile ecosystem has only just begun, and all marketers need to be aware.