Why Sprite Is Putting Snapchat’s “Snapcodes” On Its Cans

What Happened
Sprite is experimenting with an interesting way to market on Snapchat in Brazil, with the help of IPG Mediabrands agency Cubocc. Instead of going the traditional route of advertising on Snapchat’s ad-supported Discover channels, the soda brand opts to put Snapcodes, the QR-code that Snapchat generates for its users to help them grow followers, on Sprite cans, in hopes of getting the attention of Snapchat users.

To kick off the campaign, Sprite handpicked 15 local Snapchat influencers to create Sprite-themed “Snaps” and have their Snapcodes printed on cans. The Coca-Cola-owned brand is encouraging consumers to submit their Snapcodes via a microsite for the chance to be featured on limited edition cans of Sprite. Since its launch, the featured influencers’ snaps have amassed over 1 million views.

What Brands Need To Do
While Snapchat is still looking to ramp up the ad revenues on its Discover channels, Sprite’s approach here presents a new way to leverage Snapchat’s popularity among the coveted Millennial and Gen Z demographics to increase brand awareness. By incentivizing Snapchat influencers with the promise of reaching more followers, Sprite is essentially getting those influencers to do native content marketing for free. Other brands with similar marketing efforts can learn a thing or two from Sprite’s experimental approach to Snapchat and the way it ties the digital components of its campaign to its physical product.


Source: AdWeek

Header image courtesy of Sprite’s promotional video on YouTube