AT&T Brings Voice Control To Smart Home

What Happened
AT&T has been offering its customers smart home solutions under its Digital Life service for over two years now. And earlier this week, the telecom giant announced that it has started working on a voice-activated digital assistant service to help you control your smart home devices on AT&T platform simply by talking. Dubbed “Digital Life Voice Assistant”, the new service, set for launch later this year aims to help users control their security alarm, connected lights, and more.

What Brands Need To Do
For brands seeking to enter the smart home space and get their message across via these connected home devices, now would be the time to start experimenting with this type of conversation-based user interfaces and developing their own brand voice. Moreover, as the smart home market begins to take off, a variety of platforms, including Apple’s HomeKit, Comcast’s XFINITY Home, and Samsung SmartThings, are now competing to become the central hub for all connected home devices. And in this war of hubs, brands need to choose their partner wisely so as to find the optimal platform for their brand messages.


Source: Engadget