Apple TV Extends Universal Search To 3 New Apps

What Happened
Apple launched the 4th generation Apple TV last October, which allows viewers to search for keywords across content channels using Siri. At launch, only iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime had universal search compatibility, and PBS was added to the list last month. Now, three new apps has joined the roster as the tvOS apps from FOX, FX, and National Geographic added support for this crucial discovery feature.

In related news, Apple is reportedly in talks with the NFL for the streaming rights of its “Thursday Night Football’ games. While earlier reports indicated that Apple had been “frustrated” by the difficult negotiations with media owners to get live TV content, the latest news suggest that Apple is still actively trying to get content for its own rumored OTT service.

What Brands Need To Do
As new TV interfaces shift away from a rigid programming grid to time-shifted, on-demand viewing, universal search becomes a crucial feature that makes it possible for viewers to discover content on channels (aka apps) that they weren’t typically looking at. As Apple continues to build out its Apple TV ecosystem, brands should take the initiative to properly index their content to prepare for its expanding universal search support.

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Source: Wall Street Journal