Kia Taps IBM’s Watson To Find Social Influencers For Its Super Bowl Campaign

What Happened
It’s not unusual for brands to use social media to amplify their Super Bowl campaigns on the second screen. But automaker Kia is trying a new approach this year by teaming up with IBM’s supercomputer Watson to tap into the latter’s AI cognitive power to help it find the right social influencers. The Korean auto brand worked with social marketing firm Influential to scout for influencers who exhibit the personality traits desired by Kia, such as “openness to change,” “artistic interest” and “achievement-striving.” Kia then selected around a hundred influencers and sent them colorful socks – a prop featured in its Super Bowl ads – to create fun content with.

What Brands Need To Do
By tapping into Watson’s computing power, Kia was able to find social influencers that specifically fit with its brand message. For other brands, this provides a good example in using new technology solutions to optimize the quality of paid UGCs and extend campaign reach on social media.  Moreover, it also points to the importance of having strong social content to support the TV spots as part of a holistic media campaign.

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Source: Wall Street Journal