Publishers Are Broadcasting With Facebook’s Live Video

What Happened
Following Facebook’s wide release of its live-streaming feature Live Video, some early-adopting publishers and media owners are jumping on board and creating original content for the fast-growing platform. A few weeks ago, MTV Germany became the first TV channel to air a live show on Facebook with the launch of MTV+You, a 16-part weekly talk show featuring celebrity guests talking about entertainment news, gossip, and trends. Last week, celebrity gossip site TMZ reported that its live shows on Facebook are getting between 75,000 and 100,000 live viewers. Similarly, The Daily Beast announced today that it is launching two new daily live shows on Facebook, aiming to foster a long-term relationship with readers with routine video consumption.

Market Impact
Starting with Meerkat’s breakthrough at SXSW last year, live-streaming has seen significant growth  thanks to the likes of Twitter and Facebook coming out with their own live broadcasting features. With Live Video, brands can leverage Facebook’s massive reach to acquire a new audience, and the immediacy of content and the relatively low production costs of live-streaming content make it an appealing emerging platform for brands to explore.