Publishers Are Broadcasting With Facebook’s Live Video

What Happened
Following Facebook’s wide release of its live-streaming feature Live Video, some early-adopting publishers and media owners are jumping on board and creating original content for the fast-growing platform. A few weeks ago, MTV Germany became the first TV channel to air a live show on Facebook with the launch of MTV+You, a 16-part weekly talk show featuring celebrity guests talking about entertainment news, gossip, and trends. Last week, celebrity gossip site TMZ reported that its live shows on Facebook are getting between 75,000 and 100,000 live viewers. Similarly, The Daily Beast announced today that it is launching two new daily live shows on Facebook, aiming to foster a long-term relationship with readers with routine video consumption.

Market Impact
Starting with Meerkat’s breakthrough at SXSW last year, live-streaming has seen significant growth  thanks to the likes of Twitter and Facebook coming out with their own live broadcasting features. With Live Video, brands can leverage Facebook’s massive reach to acquire a new audience, and the immediacy of content and the relatively low production costs of live-streaming content make it an appealing emerging platform for brands to explore.


MTV To Live Stream EMAs In 360-Degree Videos

What Happened
MTV is ready to push deeper into immersive videos and plans to live stream the entirety of its upcoming Europe Music Awards (EMA) this Sunday. Fans can stream the 360-degree live feed with the MTV mobile app, or even turn it into a VR experience if they happen to have a Google Cardboard headset.

Market Impact
As a youth culture-oriented brand, MTV is no stranger to live streaming. Earlier this year, the network live streamed the red carpet portion of the VMAs with 360-degree VR technology. In addition, it also used popular video social network Vine to capture and spread the viral moments of the VMAs. Its willingness to experiment with new technologies and embrace emerging media platforms makes it stand out in today’s media landscape, and other brands, especially those wishing to reach a younger audience, should follow suit.


Source: The Verge

How MTV Used Vine To Capture The Viral Moments Of VMAs

What Happened
During this Sunday’s VMAs broadcast, MTV’s official Vine account outshone the channel’s performance on other social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. While much of the conversation surrounding the annual award show happened on Twitter, it was Vine that had the most interactions among all social media, with the top vine video amassing nearly 11 million plays.

What Brands Should Do
Vine’s endlessly looping, six-second-long format made it a perfect platform to disseminate and consume the viral moments of media events in bite-sized portions in real time, something that most brands should leverage into their social media efforts. Essentially gifs with sound, Vine offers the perfect format for brands to create short-form viral content to engage their fans with. Plus, its deep integration with Twitter no doubt helps to expand its reach as well, as Vine videos are natively embedded in tweets.


Source: Digiday

Header image taken from MTV’s Vine Account Page

MTV Using Snapchat To Announce VMA Nominations

Ever the chaser of youth culture trend, MTV channel is now turning to ephemeral messaging app Snapchat to generate hype for its VMA nominations, after doing practically the same thing on Instagram and Vine last year. While still a desperate attempt by MTV to stay culturally relevant, this move to turn away from established social media channels and embrace the burgeoning messaging app does make perfect sense. By engaging Snapchat’s massive teen population base, MTV is reaching it core audience in their new digital habitat. As our previous white paper on messaging apps concluded, they are the new face of social media, and brands have to follow where their audience goes.

MTV VMA Nominees To Be Announced Via Vine And Instagram Video

Ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th, MTV will reveal the nominees for the event via Instagram as well as Vine. The network hired Koha Phan, a popular stop-motion animator, to create eight pieces of VMAs-related content. The VMAs are the first award show to ever announce nominations via these video platforms, and will be distributed via the #RoadToTheVMAs campaign. The first video comes out at 8 a.m. EST on Wednesday, with one video released per hour thereafter. MTV was the first brand to reach 1 million followers on Instagram in November 2012, and now boasts 1.37 million Instagram followers and 117,000 Vine followers, so the videos are sure to be shared widely. Whichever video format proves more popular and sharable, of course, will have instant bragging rights.   

MTV Promotes Upcoming Show On Snapchat

Brands and Snapchat don’t go hand in hand, but that’s not stopping racier companies from joining in. The latest to jump onboard is MTV who is using the temporary messaging platform to release “Hangover-style” photos and videos promoting their upcoming show, Geordie Shore.  With 200 million messages sent per day, Snapchat could be a cheeky way of distributing content among a younger audience.

Amazon Streams Viacom’s Kids Shows

After a deal between Netflix and Viacom expired last month, Amazon swept in to clean up the scraps, which included Viacom’s children’s programs like Dora the Explorer and Comedy Central shows like Key and Peele. Amazon made the announcement that it will be streaming these shows through Prime Instant Video this morning, and claimed that they’ll be adding more than 3,900 episodes of TV to their streaming program. This, in combination with Amazon’s announcement that they will film five new original series shows, puts them directly at odds with Netfilx, their main competitor. 

IPG Lab and research firm OTX join forces

OTX and Lab ink deal Today’s Mediapost article announcing our very exciting relationship with global research firm OTX, caps several months of negotiations.  Aside from the purely financial aspects of the deal, it strengthens and solidifies the Lab’s place, as not just a unique facility to learn about emerging media through our immersion based facilities but now a place to come and study emerging media by way of research.  While the Lab has been championing the virtues of doing research, this relationship adds an exciting layer to our product set and consequently our ability to help provide a comprehensive package for agency/client research needs.

The relationship with OTX actually dates back to last year.  Ongoing conversations brought us tougher to help them on their unique projects for “mobile Jeopardy” and MTV’s – Comedy Central/SpikeTV.

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