Google Play Now Advising Users To Uninstall Apps They Don’t Use

What Happened
Google is introducing an Uninstall Manager to the Play Store to intelligently suggest apps for users to uninstall in order to free up some storage space on their phones. The new tool presents users with a list of apps that haven’t been used for a while and instructs users to remove the ones that they no longer need.

What Brands Need To Do
In the past few years, a number of brands, especially those in ecommerce or the service industry, have eagerly developed branded apps in order to reach connected consumers. But as the app market matures, it is becoming harder and harder for brands to convince customers to download their apps. The new Uninstall Manager may bring a new threat to branded Android apps, as many customers download apps for a one-off purchase or discount and end up rarely using them.

In order to combat app fatigue, brands need to start exploring new channels and platforms to connect with mobile users, such as messaging apps and live-streaming platforms. Brands would also be wise to leverage the new Google Instant Apps to allow users to quickly access parts of their in-app content and functions. For more on this, please check out our latest Fast Forward analysis on the Google I/O event.


Source: Android Police