How Intel Is Embracing Facebook’s Instant Articles

What Happened
Intel has become the first brand to publish on Facebook’s Instant Articles as the brand seeks to reach more people with its branded content. Starting in 2012, the company has been operating a tech-focused digital publication, iQ, to showcase its expertise in cutting-edge technologies and build its brand equity. Now, Intel has started posting content from iQ on Facebook using Instant Articles which does not restrict brands from publishing content as long as they have an existing publishing operation that puts out content that meets Facebook’s standards on a regular basis.

What Brands Need To Do
According to Intel, the U.S. editions of iQ reach its one to five million monthly readers mostly through paid social distribution. So it makes perfect sense for Intel to take advantage of the fast-loading publishing program to make their branded content easier to access on Facebook. Brands looking to distribute their branded content on social channels should take a cue from Intel and start exploring Instant Articles, whereas brands that simply wish to make their ads load faster and provide a better user experience can look into Facebook’s Canvas ads, which are basically “Instant Articles for brands.”


Source: Digiday