Customer Engagement Platform Flok Adds Chatbot Service

What Happened
Another day, another CRM platform gets on board with the ongoing rise of chatbots. Customer engagement startup flok announced that it is adding a chatbot service to its platform to enable the thousands of local businesses using its platform to connect with customers. The addition of chatbots aims to facilitate customer feedback and provide a more engaging customer service experience.

Previously, flok’s main product focused on helping local businesses build customer loyalty and improve engagement by using beacons to retarget customers who have previously visited their stores. Besides small local businesses, the company is also working with the likes of Salvation Army and Subway to help them better understand their customers on a local level.

Why Brands Should Care
As we pointed out in our Medium post on branded chatbots, they serve as a great tool for handling basic customer service and other single-focus tasks such as gathering feedback. This chatbot service from flok provides local businesses and brands with physical locations an opportunity to add a chatbot to their customer communication channels.

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Source: Street Fight