Google Updates AdWords To Better Serve Mobile Advertisers

What Happened
Google has updated its AdWords service to add a few mobile-friendly features. One noteworthy update is the addition of expanded text ads, which grant search advertisers longer headlines to draw in customers. The existing text ads will continue to be available until Oct. 26. Other updated features include separate device bidding and responsive display ads for native inventory. Google started rolling out the features to marketers around the world on Tuesday.

What Brands Need To Do
Google has been making several efforts lately to improve its mobile ad products as it extended AMP support to ads and landing pages, launched “Showcase Shopping” ads that cater to mobile shoppers, and added new ad formats to its AMP pages. As Google continues down this path, brand marketers need to be mindful of new features and leverage them to deliver a better mobile ad experience. And since the standard text ads won’t go away until October, brands can use this window to run some A/B tests of standard and extended text ads to figure out the optimal length for their ad copy.


Source: Search Engine Land