Lowe’s Uses 360-Degree Videos To Guide Customers Through Projects And Drive Sales

What Happened
Lowe’s is trying a new way to engage consumers with 360-degree videos. Unlike most brands that use 360-degree videos to showcase an immersive narrative, Lowe’s is leveraging the emerging video format to create interactive instructional videos that guide customers through  DIY processes. The videos are distributed on Lowe’s Facebook pages and consist of looping, gif-like demonstrations showcasing each step of the process that are stitched together in a 360-degree video. The videos are linked to a Tumblr landing page that showcases featured products that can be ordered via Lowe’s ecommerce site. You can watch one of the videos here.

What Brands Need To Do
With 360 video content gaining traction among consumers, it is important for brands to start working closely with content creators to produce engaging and immersive content. The unconventional approach that Lowe’s is taking showcases a different use case for 360-degree videos as it aims to provide customer support and drive sales in a way that elevates the customer experience. Brands wishing to stay ahead of the curve need to take a cue from this Lowe’s initiative and start developing immersive content that can engage their audience in innovative and helpful ways.


Source: AdWeek