Amazon Launches New Alexa Developer Tool For Audio Games

What Happened
Amazon is adding a new developer tool for building with Alexa Skills Kit that aims to make it easier for developers to create “choose-your-own-adventure” audio games. The tool includes a graphic interface for crafting and visualizing decision-tree flowcharts that will guide players through games with audio clues. Developers have already been making audio games for Alexa with the most high-profile one so far being The Wayne Investigation, a Batman-themed mystery game that Warner Bros. launched in March to promote the release of its Batman Vs. Superman movie.

What Brands Need To Do
While Alexa-enabled Echo and Fire TV devices may not seem like an obvious choice for gaming, the conversational interface they employ opens up interesting possibilities for brands to engage with Alexa users via voice-based interactions. With this developer tool, Amazon is encouraging developers to explore Alexa’s gaming capacity. Brands interested in developing branded Alexa skills should consider leveraging this handy tool to create a fun, gamified experience.


Source: CNET