Amazon Launches Web Portal For Alexa Skills Discovery

What Happened
Amazon is making it easier for Alexa users to discover new skills and managing existing ones via a new web portal named Alexa skills marketplace. Previously, Alexa users have to log into their Alexa app to find, enable, or disable specific Alexa skills. Each skill now has a dedicated URL, which allow brands and developers to drive users to their Alexa skills directly. Developers and brands can now also optimize their skill pages to improve organic discovery.

What Brands Should Do
In September, Amazon announced that the number of available Alexa skills has grown to over 3,000, which shows great interest from developers and brands as they race to conquer the era of voice-based brand-customer interactions. Early-adopting brands such as Hyundai, Patrón, and Capital One have created branded Alexa skills to reach customers via the digital assistant service.This new web portal can help more users discover and manage Alexa skills more easily while also giving brands a new channel to push their branded skills.

The Lab has extensive experience with building Alexa skills and helping brands navigate the new realities that conversational interfaces are set to bring. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out and schedule a visit to the Lab. For additional information on how brands can effectively reach consumers on conversational interfaces, please check out the first section of our Outlook 2016.


Source: VentureBeat