Snapchat Gears Up For More App-Install Ads

What Happened
After adding support for programmatic ads to its ad API, Snapchat has confirmed that it is testing support for app-install ads, which the company launched in June. The popular messaging app ran its first app-install ad in February, and adding this ad unit to its API will certainly encourage more brands to try it. Also, Snapchat is reportedly building a self-serve ad platform so brand marketers can set up their campaigns without going through a third-party ad partner or Snapchat’s sales team.

What Brands Should Do
Micro-investing app Acorns reports that it is seeing 40% higher install rates with Snapchat than it does with Facebook, attributing the increase to Snapchat’s swipe-to-download functionality. With the expanding ad API and some new measurement tools, Snapchat’s ad business seems to be catching up to its rapid growth and ready to compete for more ad dollars with leading sellers of app-install ads such as Facebook and Google. For brands, now is the time to consider getting on Snapchat to reach its young-skewing users.


Source: AdAge