Cheetos Ventures Into Ecommerce With Branded Holiday Gifts

What Happened
As part of its fashion-oriented holiday campaign, Cheetos has opened an online store to sell Chester Cheetah-themed holiday gifts, ranging from clothing and perfume to cosmetics and even jewelry. While some of the items in the catalog, such as the jewelry piece, charge premium prices, some on the lower end of the spectrum are already sold out, affirming the popularity of the Pepsi-owned snack brand among consumers.

What Brands Should Do
While admittedly rare, this is not the first time a Pepsi brand has branched out its CPG product category to grab consumer attention with branded products. Last year, the food and beverage giant sold Pepsi-branded smartphones to Chinese consumers as a marketing ploy. This week, Pepsi opened a kola-themed restaurant in New York City to broaden its brand expeirence. Similarly, with the new Cheetos-branded gifts, Pepsi is thinking outside the box and experimenting with a new way to transform their loyal fans into brand advocates, which should inspire brands to think of other ways that brands can permeate consumers’ daily life.


Source: Yahoo Finance

Header image courtesy of Cheeto’s YouTube video