Snapchat Adds Universal Search Bar & Global Live Story

What Happened
Snapchat has revamped its iOS and Android app to add a few new tweaks that should help improve user experience and push its global reach. To begin with, the updated apps now feature a universal search bar on top of the interface, enabling users to easily search for people, brands, and publishers from Discover to follow. In addition, users can also find specific Live Stories when searching by keywords. Besides the search bar, Snapchat is also adding a few shortcuts for in-app navigation and a global live story called “Our Story” that will feature snaps from all over the world.

What Brands Need To Do
Brands have long been complaining about Snapchat’s limited and hard-to-access search functions, and this introduction of a universal search bar should make it easier for users to discover publishers and brands on Snapchat. A Recent report by digital marketing firm L2 found 64% brands now have established a presence on the hot messaging app, and with each brand-friendly updates, Snapchat is sure to lure more brands to join. As Snapchat continues to improve its ad products to match its rapid growth, brands, especially those going after a young-skewing global audience, need to start integrating Snapchat into your social and content strategies.


Source: Mashable