2009: To paraphrase Colbert, we called it.


This has been a big year of growth and change for the Lab. We’ve enjoyed the insight from our new president, John Ross, who is leading our retail practice (focused on the effect emerging media has on the purchase funnel). We’re also full steam ahead on new research capabilities and as always, our consulting work continues to provide relevant learnings.

This is also the time of the year when every news and entertainment show posts their best and worst of the year.  What the Lab’s more apt to do is take a look at some of the predictions we’ve made and see if they’re really landed.  Our 2009 Trends have taken some interesting turns: Continue reading “2009: To paraphrase Colbert, we called it.”

Reflections of a Zen Tech Warrior

Alicia weilds a wind-up flashlight.
Alicia wields a wind-up flashlight.

I’ve been interning at the IPG Emerging Media Lab for the past few months.  Little did I know that in addition to my killer subject line (Your Tech Savvy Intern), my resume pegged me as a Zen Tech Warrior.  (This was before I had read the Lab’s 2009 Digital Trends and learned what a “Zen Tech Warrior” was).

Here are 4 things that this Zen Tech Warrior learned at the Lab:
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