Reflections of a Zen Tech Warrior

Alicia weilds a wind-up flashlight.
Alicia wields a wind-up flashlight.

I’ve been interning at the IPG Emerging Media Lab for the past few months.  Little did I know that in addition to my killer subject line (Your Tech Savvy Intern), my resume pegged me as a Zen Tech Warrior.  (This was before I had read the Lab’s 2009 Digital Trends and learned what a “Zen Tech Warrior” was).

Here are 4 things that this Zen Tech Warrior learned at the Lab:
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Going green 101 for marketers

Is Going Green a Strategic Imperative? (iStock)Hey, it is Earth Day! Happy Earth Day!

If you are wondering how to celebrate this big old planet of ours that we’re all a little (or a lot) concerned about, check out the IPG Lab’s article on Ad Age’s Good Works blog: Is Going Green a Strategic Imperative? Written by Lab Staff Associate, Alicia Walter, the article examines some of the confusion, challenges and rewards of developing a Green or Sustainable marketing strategy for brands…AND agencies. See which agencies are leading the way, and why it’s driving new business. Read More.

Four R’s for the green marketer

greenmarketerGreen initiatives are an important point of differentiation for your customers.  A study by Greenfactor found that “More than 70% of global respondents said they “probably” or “definitely” would increase their preference for a brand’s green products if they were convinced of the positive impact on the environment and business.  Almost 60% said they would expect to pay a premium for green products.”

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