Is going green a strategic imperative?

greenContagious magazine’s Special Report on Goodvertising points to the use of the environment, corporate social responsibility, ethical investment, fairness and community health and well-being as current trends in advertising. The reason that these trends in ad campaigns continue to gain popularity is clear: The results of an online poll by Harris Interactive showed that despite the economy, 73% of consumers said they still buy green.

Agencies and brands get in the green
You don’t have to have a drop of confidence in any reports about melting polar ice caps to move green practices to the top of your company’s must-do list. In fact, government regulation may soon be the next biggest reason to clean up. The U.K.’s Carbon Reduction Commitment will be implemented in 2010. And 63 of the respondents to the AMA/FH study believe that new U.S. presidential administration policies will further accelerate the adoption of corporate sustainability programs. Continue reading “Is going green a strategic imperative?”

Going green 101 for marketers

Is Going Green a Strategic Imperative? (iStock)Hey, it is Earth Day! Happy Earth Day!

If you are wondering how to celebrate this big old planet of ours that we’re all a little (or a lot) concerned about, check out the IPG Lab’s article on Ad Age’s Good Works blog: Is Going Green a Strategic Imperative? Written by Lab Staff Associate, Alicia Walter, the article examines some of the confusion, challenges and rewards of developing a Green or Sustainable marketing strategy for brands…AND agencies. See which agencies are leading the way, and why it’s driving new business. Read More.